Indications of an Affiliate Marketing Scam

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business where you market an individual or a company product or service for a commission. In as much as it is a legal business, they are persons who also use this method to scam persons. They make you complete a task for them and in turn, do not pay you. There are definitely some affiliate programs that are a scam. Persons who fall prey to these are usually newbies in the affiliate marketing business. Thus making them feel bad about internet marketing. Here are some guidelines by which you would know if affiliate marketing is a scam.

  • Most times newbies fall prey to fake affiliate marketing training. Fake affiliate programs offer you training that does not have valuable information in them. They can sell to you, ebooks which are filled with no real actionable plan or lesson. Check the internet and get enlighten on training that is genuine so that you do not fall prey to these internet marketing scams.
  • Online marketing programs that are scam always look like a get rich scheme. They make promises which are not feasible. An example of such are how to Make $10,000 in 60secs. Affiliate marketing while being lucrative, earnings do not happen overnight. It requires commitment and consistency. Do not fall for get rich quick scam.
  • Internet marketing programs are mostly free. Programs that ask you to pay to join, is always a scam. If you are asked to pay, please avoid those programs. They are illegitimate and are just out to scam newbies.
  • Random emails asking you to pay for a domain service you have never signup for. They are several ways internet marketing scams work. If you are unsure about a program check the internet for information about it before registering or paying for any of the services, you never signed up for.
  • They are companies who offer affiliate marketing programs, they allow you to make sales, complete surveys and when it comes to paying you, it becomes impossible. Most times these persons go as far as contacting you personally and ask if they could be your client, after accepting their proposal and completing these jobs for them, they do not pay you and lose all form of communication with you. In several cases, these companies can’t pay because they are going out of business while in other cases they just wanted to use your service without payment.

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