Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to earn using the internet. There are affiliate programs which one has to sign up to before you can sell a merchant’s’ product as an affiliate marketer. This a list of the Top 5 affiliate marketing networks one can register with to earn online.


This internet marketing program deals with selling digital products such as e-books. They have been in existence for many years. Registering on Clickbank is easy and free. After registration, you can then promote any of the digital products. You will receive an affiliate link, which you will use to advertise on your blog or anywhere. Once someone clicks on your link, and make a purchase you earn a commission. The good thing about Clickbank is that you get to choose which product you want. They offer a 10-75 percent commission on sales. It is one of the simplest sites to use.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is one of the largest e commerce marketplace that offers an affiliate program. You get a choice to promote any product you like. Once you become an Amazon associate, Amazon offers you a link which you can embed on your blog. Anytime a person clicks on it and purchases a product you earn a commission. This site is easy to use and very flexible. It has millions of merchants across the globe.


On the eBay site, you can become an affiliate by scrolling down to the bottom of the home page and clicking on an affiliate link. On eBay, you can either decide to sell new products or items you no longer use. You earn a commission for every person that registers on the site using your link and can also earn for ads about eBay that are placed on your blog or website only when visitors click on them to eBay pages.


This affiliate market has more than 400 merchants. As a newbie to the online market, this program is easy to use and offers you several earning features such as earnings per click, average sale amount, reversal rates and average commission. With these payments, you can earn more and know where to put more efforts.

CJ Affiliate

On these affiliate program, you have several products and choices to make. Choices like fashion accessories, beauty and health products, electronics and online services like web hosting. This platform is easy to use.